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  1. Hallelujah

    Rufus Wainwright featuring Choir! Choir! Choir!
  2. Apache

    Incredible Bongo Band
  3. Country Boy

    Aaron Lewis featuring George Jones and Charlie Daniels

#27 - (Ghost) Riders in the Sky (Live) - Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson

Continuing this week’s theme, today’s song is a live collaboration between two country music icons, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. Recorded live for VH1 Storytellers in 1998, today’s song is a cover of an old cowboy song by Stan Jones.

I never had the opportunity to see Johnny Cash live. By the time I had come to appreciate his music, he was no longer touring due to his failing health. I have, however, had the chance to see Willie Nelson in concert on multiple occasions. First, in Interlochen with my parents as a kid. The second time I saw him was touring with with Bob Dylan at Fifth-Third ballpark near Grand Rapids during their “Field of Dreams” tour. Lastly, I saw him at Wharton Center in East Lansing. It’s hard to say that Willie Nelson is underrated given what an American icon he is, but I do think that he doesn’t necessarily get recognized for the great musician he really is. He plays a mean guitar. Also, how cool is Trigger?

Johnny Cash passed away 16 years ago today, but his music will live forever.

If you’ve never heard this album, listen to the whole thing. You are in for a treat.

Posted: September 12, 2019
Tags: live, concert, country, outlaw country