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  1. Hallelujah

    Rufus Wainwright featuring Choir! Choir! Choir!
  2. Apache

    Incredible Bongo Band
  3. Country Boy

    Aaron Lewis featuring George Jones and Charlie Daniels

#1 - All My Little Words - Magnetic Fields

I first heard this song during the “Cupid & Psycho” (season 1, episode 8) episode of The Shield. I had to rewatch the scene to get enough lyrics to type into Google to track down the song. Once I did, I was hooked on the song and the album.

The Magnetic Fields is the brainchild of Stephin Merritt, who has various side projects including The 6ths, Future Bible Heroes, and The Gothic Archies.

The Magnetic Fields were touring around the time I discovered them and I was able to see them live at The City Theatre inside Hockeytown Cafe in Detroit. The venue seats 400 people and was an absolutely wonderful way to see them perform. At the time, they had just released their album I and their set included songs from 69 Love Songs and I. Both are well worth a listen.

Posted: August 17, 2019